3 Things To Check When Your Roof Gets Damaged

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If your roof gets damaged in a storm, from a tree falling on it, or from an activity, then you need to take immediate action to make sure that the roof is okay. Here are 3 things to check for when your roof gets damaged.


First, you need to check to see if the underlayment is still intact. This is the portion of your roofing that sits on top of the wood but is beneath the shingles or actual roofing. The underlayment is protection for your roof, and it helps to keep water, debris, and insects from eating through your home.

To check the underlayment, you need to look around the perimeter of the roof, and look at spots where shingles are missing to see if the material underneath is torn, pulled up, or is missing. If the material is damaged, then this is cause for calling roofing contractors immediately.

He or she will then need to patch up the damaged material, or you may need new underlayment. This just depends on how much damage has been done.


Second, look for missing shingles since this can expose the underlayment and your roof. Even if you are just missing one shingle, it still needs to be replaced because an open spot can give access to moisture and bugs. It does not take much for a little bit of damage to turn into a huge problem if it is not resolved quickly.

You can easily replace the shingles on your own by getting them at the hardware store. Just take a picture of your roof with you so that you can color match the shingles correctly. Even if they started out as being black, they may look more grey or charcoal in color due to fading, so you need to match the color.


Lastly, you also need to check the roof for divots and for areas of your roof that are sagging. These issues are serious and can indicate that there is moisture in the roof, the roof has some weak spots, or the roof may cave in at any time.

You will need to hire a roofing contractor to fix bigger problems like these because multiple layers of the roof will have to be replaced. If you do not get the problems fixed, then you are providing the perfect environment for water collecting in the dips, which can in turn rot the roof over time.

By checking for these 3 things when your roof has been damaged, you can quickly fix the problems and make the necessary repairs.


28 January 2015

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