Apartment Plumbing Problems: What You Should Know


When you live in an apartment building of multiple apartments, there are bound to be some quirks and adjustments to get used to. While each apartment has its individual bills such as water, electricity, and gas, many of the systems are intricately connected between the varying apartment homes. The plumbing system, for example, has components that are unique and individual to each apartment, but they are also all connected to the same central sewer system and line. Get to know the most common apartment plumbing problems you may have in your apartment home and whether or not they are building-wide issues to be addressed by your apartment management team or not. 

Flooding Sink When Other Plumbing Is Used

Your kitchen sink is often a good indicator of major plumbing problems in your apartment home. If, for example, you are running your dishwasher, washing machine, or shower and you notice that your kitchen sink begins to fill up with water at any point, this is a sign of a major plumbing problem. 

Whether your kitchen sink fills with only a small amount of water or a great deal, this flooding represents a clog in your sewer line. If the sewer line is not inspected and cleaned. the flooding will eventually get out of control and may spill out onto your floors causing damage to your home and possessions. 

The question remains whether this is a problem with your apartment's access to the sewer line or the building's collective sewer line. Pay special attention to whether your sink fills with water at other times as well. If you can hear when your neighbors are running their appliances and notice your sink filling with water, contact  your building manager right away. This means the entire building's sewer line is problematic and needs to be cleaned. Such work is the financial responsibility of your building manager. 

Sewage Smell In A Clean Bathroom

Bathrooms sometimes smell unpleasant, and that is completely normal. However, sometimes when you live in an apartment building, you may notice such unpleasant odors for no apparent reason. When you do, clean your bathroom thoroughly before you jump to any conclusions. 

If, however, you bathroom is clean and has not been recently used, and you notice a strong sewage smell, this could mean you are suffering from a few different problems. Once again, the issue could be the sewer line. If the main building sewer line is clogged, sewage could be backing up into the plumbing in your apartment causing the odor.

Otherwise, the plumbing in other apartments in the building could also be damaged or clogged, causing the smell to infiltrate into your apartment. Your apartment manager should be contacted about such an issue so a plumbing inspection can be scheduled. They will likely snake your plumbing down to the sewer line to ensure it is not an issue within just your apartment and will then expand their search to the main sewer line and other apartments. 

When you live in a building with multiple apartments, plumbing issues can be complicated. Pay special attention to the plumbing symptoms in your home so that you know whether or not to contact a plumber (such as one from Neffsville Plumbing & Heating Services) yourself or to contact your apartment manager for plumbing services and repairs. 


11 February 2015

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