Learn Why You Should Not Be Fearful Of Riding On An Elevator

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There are some people who have strong fear of elevators because they have watched movies where elevators plummet and crash into the ground. They are fearful that they will be hurt in the elevator and thus avoid taking them at all costs. Fortunately, there are a lot of safety measures in place to make elevators as safe as they can possibly be. The following guide walks you through a few safety features you may not realize elevators have in place.

Maximum Weight Limit

You may be fearful that the elevator cannot handle the weight of all of the people in the elevator and plummet unexpectedly to the ground, causing you and everyone in the elevator to fall to your deaths. This is not possible though. The elevators are built with sensors that do not allow them to move if the maximum weight limit is reached. There is a buzzer that will sound and the doors will open back up to allow some people to get off of the elevator before it will start moving.

Doors Will Not Open

When you are traveling up and down the elevator shaft, the doors of the elevator are locked. They will not open while the elevator is moving. If the elevator were to stop in the shaft, the doors would not open unless they were aligned with a door on a floor because of the safety features. If you were to become trapped in an elevator and it was aligned with a floor, all you would need to do is push the stop button inside of the elevator, pry open the doors, and then pry open the doors to the floor. You could then walk right off of the elevator. If you were in-between floors, you would need to wait for the elevator to be opened from the outside.

Multiple Cables in Place

Plunging to your death down an elevator shaft because the cable supporting the elevator breaks like you see in the movies is not possible because there are so many cables holding the elevator in place. There are thick and thin cables that are used to move an elevator. It would be nearly impossible for all of those cables to break at one time and the elevator to ever plummet to the ground because of it.

Elevators are also regularly serviced to make sure all these safety features are in peak working condition. You can contact a service company, like Golden State Elevator Service Inc., to learn the full details of the services done to keep you safe.

Knowing that all of these different forms of safety measures are used with elevators should give you peace of mind that you are safe when you are on them. Hopefully, you now have the confidence you need to at least try using an elevator from time to time in the near future.   


18 June 2015

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