3 Ways Your Septic Tank Will Let You Know It Needs To Be Serviced

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Dealing with a septic tank is a small price to pay for living away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city. While the relative peace and quiet might be a relief, a grumpy septic tank can make you long for living closer to the city. Yet, most problems that occur with a septic tank can be prevented by making sure to get it cleaned or pumped. Fortunately for you as well, your septic tank will be sure to let you know when it needs servicing by doing things like the following:

There Is Water Pooling In Your Yard

Standing water might be a common sight in your yard if it has been raining a lot, but if you've ever noticed strange puddles forming in your yard while there isn't a cloud in the sky there is a good chance there is something odd is happening with your septic tank. The most common culprit is that your water tank is getting quite full, meaning your tank is desperate need of being emptied. Of course, in addition to simply being pumped a good cleaning couldn't hurt either as this can clean out any debris which might hinder drainage as well.

Something Smells

No one likes the smell of sewage, so if you ever step out into your yard and are assaulted by unpleasant smells your septic tank is most likely to blame. Just remember, literally every drain in your home pours into the septic tank. That means liquid and solid waste mixing together to form a rather unpleasant sludge. So when the tank gets too full, smells often can seep into the soil as it leaks. Still, pumping out the tank is the best way to correct this problem.

Drains Operating Slowly

When faced with a slow drain in your home, you might chock it up to a simple clog. Yet, before you commit to trying to clean the clog take a moment to check your other drains. Are any of them also having problems as well? If so, its highly unlikely that they're both clogged and instead this probably an indication of a full septic system yet again. When your tank becomes full it generally has a hard time accepting more water being drained into it. Getting all the excess material pumped out can fix the problem right away. 

So, with any luck, you can keep your septic tank in working order as well as avoid an unpleasant surprise when you leave the home. Additional reading on the subject can also help find a solution.


17 July 2015

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