Building Pest Control Into Your New Home

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Pest control can be an issue, even in new homes. Many homeowners are choosing to build a pest control system directly in their homes in order to prepare for future pests. Here's what you need to know about an installed pest control system.

Reasons to Pre-Install Pest Control

There are a few reasons to build pest control systems into your home. First of all, it can be very effective and quick to treat a pest control problem. Time is of the essence when pests do invade, since your comfort depends on removing pests quickly. Many homeowners choose to install pest control infrastructure ahead of time so that they can deal with pests quickly, instead of setting up new infrastructure every time a pest problem happens.

Built-in pest control systems also allow you to easily schedule pest maintenance without a lot of setup; by applying a regular pest control solution, you can stop bugs before they ever set up camp in your house. The systems can be designed to prevent cockroaches and other insects from nesting in your home by applying a regular pesticide to make your home uninviting. This type of treatment can be less invasive than the traditional pest control service, since the technicians don't even need to come inside your house; they simply use an outdoor valve to spray the needed chemicals.

Example of a Pest Control System

Your walls are one area of the home that's vulnerable to pests; bugs can form a home in the walls and breed out of sight. It can be difficult for your pest control team to infiltrate a wall that's already built, but a pre-installed wall pest control system makes it easy for them to distribute pest control sprays throughout the walls.

Basically, the team will install tubes that run throughout the walls and connect to an outside spigot. When you need to apply a pest control solution, the team simply sprays into the spigot, which distributes the spray throughout the pipes and into the walls of your house through small holes. You can also use this system to periodically spray inside of your walls, even if you don't detect any pests.

How to Get Started

If you want to install a pest control system in your new construction project, you should begin talking with a pest control team early on in the design process. The piping is small, but it could affect your building designer's plans for insulation, wall thickness, and the placement of plumbing pipes and electric wires. Working as a team, your construction group and pest control technician can create an installation schedule that works for the building project. 

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14 August 2015

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