Addressing Common Commercial Roofing Concerns

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A business's roof is a critical part of its building, but roofing is a topic that many business owners may not have a good understanding about. As a result, these individuals may be poorly equipped to understand the process of installing a new roof. Yet, understanding the following couple of answers for fairly routine questions will help you to better understand what this process will entail and what impacts it will have on their enterprise. 

What Is A Low Maintenance Material For A Flat Roof?

It is common for large commercial buildings to be outfitted with a flat roof. Unfortunately, these roofs can be somewhat maintenance intensive because it is easier for water to pool on it. When water gathers in standing puddles, it can contribute to the decay of the roof, the growth of molds and numerous other issues for the building. 

Luckily, you may be able to avoid having to spend a lot of resources on maintaining the roof because rubber is often a low maintenance material that can be used on these roofs. If you opt for this type of roof, the contractors will install a thick layer of weather resistant rubber over the roof. The only maintenance that this will require is a visual inspection twice a year and a yearly pressure washing. 

How Can You Reduce The Time It Takes To Install A New Commercial Roof?

While having a new commercial roof installed may be unavoidable, it is critical to ensure that this work is done as quickly as possible. The construction site may be unsafe while the roofing work is being done, and this may mean that you need to close the enterprise until this work is done to avoid accidentally injuring customers or employees. 

To help ensure this work is done as quickly as possible, you may be able to opt to only have a new layer of roofing material laid down over the old one. This can save your contractors time because they will not have to spend a day removing the old roofing. However, this is not always a practical option because you can generally only do it once or twice before the entire roof will need to be replaced. This stems from the additional weight of the roofing material, but your contractor will be able to let you know whether this is suitable for your roof. 

Having your enterprise's roof replaced may be an extremely stressful experience for you to undergo because of the decisions and business impacts it may have. Luckily, you can help avoid some of the more routine oversights and inconveniences by knowing that rubber is an excellent option for flat roofs as well as the fact that reroofing may save time. 


31 August 2015

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