Why Paint Of Any Kind Should Not Be Poured Down Your Sink Drains -- And A Cleanup Solution

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It is a fairly common practice by most homeowners to pour anything liquid down their drains. While most things may not be harmful or cause a clog, there are some products that can be a very serious problem. These common household products generate a large portion of drain cleaning issues -- issues that only a professional plumbing contractor/plumber can solve. Of these, paint products are probably some of the worst, and here is why.


Paint commonly uses latex as a binding agent, which then causes any paint you pour down a drain to stick to the sides of the pipes when it dries. Even in a sink you use frequently where you think that every time running water goes down the drain the paint will move farther down the drain, particles of paint can still stick and adhere to pipe walls. (This is especially true if you have PVC or plastic pipes.) Oil-based paints are no better because the oil in the paint does not mix with water and will float above whatever water you send down the drain. Then, the oil paint stays in the pipes and starts building a clog.

Not surprisingly, even kids' washable craft paint is not something you can pour down the drain or wash away. The pigments in kids' paint are powder-based, and dried tempera (egg white product) acts as the bonding agent. It would be similar to cracking raw eggs into your sink and letting yolk and white go down the drain. It quickly becomes very sticky inside your plumbing, and running hot water after it only causes the egg or egg binder in the paint to get stickier faster.

What You Should Do with Paint Cleanup Instead

If you can, install a scrub tub with a larger drain and a drain hose that empties directly into your sewer drains in your home. These large tubs are perfect for paint clean-up because the drain hoses on the tubs can be replaced if they get blocked up with paint, and the tubs can hold a lot of water in case they get backed up. Additionally, you will not have to scrub the tub intensely to remove paint because a scrub tub is meant for messy jobs while your kitchen and bathroom sinks are not. You can hire a plumber, like Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, to connect the water hoses from pipes in your basement to the faucets in the scrub tub, and then you have the perfect solution to keeping all paint out of your household drains but still send it through the sewer line.


17 September 2015

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