Fleet Manager And Administration Job Information


If you have a background a background in logistics or business management, and you enjoy the challenge of solving issues and organizing solutions, a fleet manager and administration job in the shipping industry may be the perfect career option for you.

What to Expect

Exact requirements for the position vary, but the following are common responsibilities of a fleet administrator:

  • Creating and maintaining vehicle service schedules to ensure that the delivery vehicles remain in top condition.

  • Coordinating driver assignments and delivery schedules.

  • Developing contracts with service providers, fuel companies, and overnight accommodations to ensure your fleet and drivers are running at peak efficiency, while also managing fuel costs.

Where You Work

Shipping fleet administrators are needed in a variety of industries. You can find positions with companies where package delivery and shipping is their primary product. This may be business to consumer shipping, private citizen mail and shipping, or business to business shipping. You may also find available positions at companies that maintain their own shipping fleet for their own products. For example, transporting goods from main warehouses to retail locations.

Most fleet administrators work primarily from a central office location, which may require initial relocation to the head office at the start of employment. Moderate travel can be expected since you may need to check on fleets at warehouse locations or travel to meet with vendors or solve logistics issues.

Background Requirements

A working history in the transportation industry is a major plus for entering this career field, as is any background in logistics or IT. You will need top tier organizational and leadership skills, since you will need to think quickly and work with a variety of different personalities on a day to day basis.

A previous degree or training certification in transport, logistics, fleet management, or business management can improve your chances of finding successful employment in this field.

Pay Range

The salary for this fleet job position varies depending on the location, size of the fleet and operations, and your skill level. The average salary is $78, 212 per year. Holding an applicable degree or certification in this field is one way to demand a higher starting salary, as is having a previous background in logistics, transportation or IT. Generally, the more education and experience you have in fleet management or a related field will allow for a higher starting salary. For more information, talk to fleet professional.


24 November 2015

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