Keeping Animals Out Of Your Trash


If you live in a wooded area, chances are you have run into an occasion in the past where a wild animal has gotten into your trash, strewing the contents around your property. There are several steps you can take to avoid this occurrence. Here are some tips you can use to keep wild animals out of your garbage containers.

Keep Cans Inside

While waiting for your regular trash pick-up day, keep your garbage cans within an enclosed area so animals are less likely to get into trash that sits around throughout the week. Placing your cans inside your garage or in a locked shed will help keep them from becoming a target. Wait until an hour or two before your proposed pickup time to wheel your trash cans to the road to help avoid a mishap.

Mask Any Odor

The more pungent your trash smells, the more enticing it will be to wildlife. To eliminate any odor in your trash, sprinkle the insides of your trash bags with a deodorizing powder before filling them with garbage. Put any biodegradable foods into a compost pile rather than in your trash to reduce odor. It is a good idea to double bag your trash to help keep small claws and teeth from penetrating the plastic too easily. This will also help keep animals from smelling the contents.

Add Some Deterrents

Using a few scare tactics in the area where you keep your cans will help keep animals from getting too close. Place an owl or hawk decoy in a nearby tree to keep smaller rodents from investigating the area. Some birds and mice will stay away from areas where sparkly items are near. Try hanging a few compact discs from a tree branch.

For larger animals, place motion detecting lighting in the area to scare them off if they get too close during dark hours. A transistor radio can help scare away animals as well. Simply turn it to a talking channel and place it near your cans when you bring them toward the road and pick it back up when your trash has been collected.

Secure The Lids

If you have garbage cans without locking lids, animals can pry the tops off pretty easily. In some instances they will merely need to knock over the can to have the lid fall from the top. It is a good idea to get cans that have clasps on the lid portion to help keep animals from gaining entry. Another idea is to place a brick or cinder block on top of each lid to help keep it in place.


10 February 2016

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