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How To Get The Annoying Smell Out Of A Wool Rug

If you have a wool rug, especially a used one, you may notice an almost nauseating smell. A wool rug also develops smells because of low-quality material, deteriorating adhesives, or moisture. You have to take care when getting smells out of wool rugs to avoid damage. Here are some tips to get smells out of wool rugs. 

For this project, you need:

  • vacuum
  • fan (optional)
  • tea tree oil
  • baking soda
  • borax
  • charcoal
  • old pair of pantyhose with no holes 
  • spray bottle 

If the rug isn’t wet, take it outside, and shake it gently. To dry a wet rug, hang it outdoors over a clothesline or railing to dry, and bring it in at night to prevent dew from getting on it. It may take several days for the rug to dry depending on the climate, and the amount of moisture.

To prevent fading, dry the face for about two hours, then flip the rug. Beat the rug on both sides to remove stiffness from hanging. If you live in an apartment or you have limited outdoor space, point a fan at the rug, and turn the fan in different directions so the rug dries evenly. 

Deodorize with Baking Soda and Borax

Baking soda and borax helps to eliminate odors. Blend enough baking soda and borax to cover your rug. After the rug is thoroughly dry, cover it with baking soda and borax mixture. Consider moving the rug to an area with little foot traffic.

Allow the mixture to set on the rug for a day or two, take the rug outside, shake it, then vacuum. If the rug still has a musty smell, repeat the procedure.

Apply Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another way to naturally minimize odor. Mix a cup of cool water and two tablespoons of tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle, then apply a light mist over the rug. After the rug dries, spray the other side with tea tree oil. 

Try Charcoal

Charcoal isn’t just for cooking on the grill. It makes a great natural odor remover. Cut the legs off an old pair of pantyhose to the crotch area.

Place as many pieces of charcoal as you can get in one leg, then tie the top of the hose. Set the hose on the rug edge, and roll up the rug. Add the other leg, if needed. Allow the charcoal to set a day or tow, and vacuum.

Your rug should smell fresh. If your wool rug is very wet, the smell still lingers, or you don’t trust yourself, hire a carpet cleaning service.