Answering Two Common Questions About Garage Door Spring Problems


Issues with your home's garage door can be extremely inconvenient and worrisome. Not surprisingly, this is a problem that many homeowners may be poorly prepared to handle. In particular, issues with the garage door spring can be particularly problematic. For homeowners that have a poor understanding about this part of the garage door, it might be beneficial to have the following two questions answered.

Are There Any Warning Signs That Can Alert You To A Problem With Your Garage Door Spring?

It can be fairly common for garage door problems to start rather gradually. This can be particularly true for the garage door's spring because it can gradually lose the tension that allows it to easily raise and lower the door. Often, this loss of tension can occur due to the spring suffering wear and tear from years of use or other issues, such as corrosion or a lack of lubricant.

When the spring starts to suffer this problem, the door may struggle to raise and lower. Also, it can create extremely unpleasant sounds when the garage is being raised or lowered. The extreme tension that the primary spring is under makes it hazardous for individuals to attempt to work on it without professional help. For this reason, you should always leave this type of repair to experienced professionals.

How Can You Keep Your Garage Door Spring Safe From Common Problems?

Some homeowners may assume that there is nothing that can be done to help minimize the risk of this problem occurring. However, routine maintenance can help to greatly extend the life of the spring. During this maintenance, it is necessary to remove any dust that may be accumulating. When cleaning, you will want to make sure that you thoroughly wipe down the exterior of the spring's housing case. By cleaning the dust that is accumulating on the case, you may be able to minimize the risk of the dust getting inside and jamming the moving components.

In addition to cleaning the spring, you will also want to ensure that the humidity in the garage is kept as low as possible. While this may seem like it will be exceedingly difficult, you should be aware that it can be done by simply placing a dehumidifier in the garage, and if this is not a viable option, you will likely be able to achieve similar results by placing packets containing silica gel throughout the garage. For more information, visit websites like


8 July 2016

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