4 Ways To Make Your Chain Link Fence Stand Apart


If you have a chain link fence in your backyard, you may not feel that it does your home justice. Chain link fences can be boring, and they all appear the same. Plus, they don't add much to the landscaping unless you have a beautiful view. However, chain link fencing is easy to care for and is not as expensive to install as other fencing options. If you want to make your chain link fence stand apart, consider these four ways to do it:

  1. Vines: Chain link fences can be covered with vines that will wrap themselves around the chain links, completely hiding it. You can test out this option by planting vine plants that only grow seasonally, such as Morning Glories. This allows you to determine whether or not vines are what you want to cover your chain link fence with. If so, then you can plant vines that grow all year round, such as Clematis. 
  2. Wood Slats: To give your yard a more natural-looking backdrop, you can insert wood slats into the chain link fence. Although you will still be able to see the chain link fence, the wood slats provide more privacy to your yard while giving your landscaping the perfect backdrop. Many homeowners prefer this for this reason. It's much cheaper than installing a wood fence, as well. 
  3. Vinyl Coverings: Another popular choice for making your chain link fence more appealing is to add vinyl coverings that come in all different designs and colors. The popular choice of color would be white. Vinyl coverings are easy to clean and give your home more of the classic "white picket fence" type of look. This is also a cheaper option compared to wood slats. 
  4. Using Trellises: Similar to growing vines along the chain link fence, you can also prop trellises against the fence that you can grow plants on. The benefit of this is that when certain plants aren't in season, your chain link fence will still be covered by the trellises, which make it appear more natural and similar to a wood fence. Plus, it provides a good amount of privacy if you use these all along the perimeter of the fence. 

When you know these four ways to make your chain link fence stand apart, you can be sure that you end up with the perfect option for your home that you are happiest with. They all provide their own benefits, so it's important to consider which provides the benefits you are looking for. 


28 July 2016

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