The Best Way To Remove Stain From A Cabinet

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Do you have an old cabinet in your home that you want to update and look more urban? You can completely redefine the style of any cabinet system by simply restaining it. The most difficult part of this job is actually removing the existing stain. There are several ways to go about this. This article explains how to remove a stain on a wooden cabinet using a power sander or using chemical strippers. This should help you decide which technique will be best for your urban style cabinet.

Using Just a Sander

Before you use any chemical stripper, you should first try to remove the stain with just a power sander. You can use a disk or vibrating sander to help get the majority of the stain off of the wood. It is best to sand a test spot of the cabinet to see how easily the stain is coming off. It seems like it will be very difficult and take a long time, you might want to invest in a chemical stripper. But, since this will add an extra step to your job, you should avoid using chemicals  unless they are absolutely necessary. For the best results, you should use medium grit sandpaper first to help get rid of the majority of the stain. Then, you need to step up to a extra fine grit sandpaper to make the surface smooth and paintable. In addition to the power sander, you will also need to use a handheld sponge sander to help get all the corners and edges of the molding.

Using Chemical Strippers

Paint strippers are potent, smelly and harmful to your skin, so you want to wear gloves and mask. The best way to apply the stripper is to rub it onto your cabinet with a rag. Then, you need to let it soak in for a bit as it starts to break down the stain. Next, you will need to rub it off with another rag. If you are lucky, this will remove all of the stain. But you will most likely need to use a sander to get 100% of the stain. This is why many people just prefer to skip using the harmful chemicals unless it is absolutely necessary.

It is best to test a random spot on your cabinet before committing to doing it one way or the other. You might save a little time and money if you don't need to use the stripper. For more information on cabinets, contact a business such as Luxcucina.


16 August 2016

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