Getting Older? 3 Appliances to Install or Upgrade to Make Time in the Kitchen a Little Easier

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Growing less physically capable might not be something to look forward to, but the good thing is that there is something to accommodate just about every person's situation in their home. If you are getting older and have noticed it becoming a bit of a strain to get around and access everything in the kitchen, you should get professional assistance to install new or improved appliances. While you will benefit from changing more than just the appliance situation, you can still start with them for a kitchen remodel.

Built-In Microwave

Standalone microwaves are typically placed at the back of the kitchen countertop, mainly to minimize the amount of usable counter space that the microwave takes up. If it is getting difficult to reach as time goes on, you could just pull it forward and just make do without having as much food-preparation room. But, you can also get a built-in microwave perfectly situated in an area where you can reach without having to strain. If you have bad knees, you may even want to consider having a professional install your microwave with a wheelchair in mind.

Built-In Oven

Another built-in feature that you can benefit from is an oven. The cost is going to be more because you will need to cover the costs of a separate oven and stovetop surface for cooking meals. But, the perk that you get is no longer having to bend all the way down to the floor to put something in the oven. During holiday dinners when you have family and friends over, the weight of dishes can be quite overwhelming. A built-in oven makes it easy to transfer food directly from the counter top to the oven. You can have an oven installed in a way that you can access every single row without having to worry about bending down.


Washing your dishes by hand is something that people have been doing for many years. But, even if you are used to this, you should be willing to give the practice up to keep yourself from getting injured. It can take a while to stand up to soak, scrub, and rinse dishes, but a dishwasher takes away a lot of these steps. It might be close to the ground, but you should have no problem putting a plate or bowl inside. A compact model will keep you from having to reach far into the appliance, and that is perfect for those who are less agile.

If you are in your forever home and need to make some kitchen changes to accommodate your aging, you should consider changing up the features above during the remodeling process. For more ideas, talk to a company like Family & Friends Builders.


27 September 2016

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