Three Reasons To Consider Having Your Parking Lot Sealcoated


If your business has an asphalt parking lot and it is starting to show wear, you should consider having it sealcoated. This is an alternative to having your parking lot resurfaced. There are many advantages to having this done. The following are three things to consider.

Sealcoating extends the life of your parking lot

After a couple of years, an asphalt surface will start to degrade. Some of this is due to weather and part of this is due to traffic. Small particles will begin to break loose, and eventually holes will develop. Cracks are also a big issue. Once they begin to form, they will continue to grow in size. However, a sealcoating penetrates into all of the small holes and seals the cracks. Once the coating is applied, there is a flat, smooth surface for your parking lot, and the degradation of the surface will be erased. Although an asphalt surface will eventually need to be repaved, the sealcoating breathes new life into the surface so your parking lot will last longer.

Sealcoating is better than just patching

If you have a couple of small holes that need to be patched, you may be thinking about having patch work instead of repaving in order to save money. But if patching is all you have done, the new asphalt will contrast with the old, worn asphalt. Your parking lot will not have aesthetic appeal, and it will still be in a state of degradation. New holes and cracks will continue to form. Sealcoating allows for patching. Rather than just patch holes, a sealcoating company can do the minor patching first, then apply the coating. Your parking lot will be both repaired and rejuvenated.

Sealcoating helps to give your business a better impression

This is especially true for retail stores, but all businesses will benefit. When a customer drives by or onto your parking lot, it is one of the first things they will notice. An asphalt surface with a fresh sealcoating looks new and vibrant. This is what you want customers to think of your company. A parking lot with holes and cracks may give a person the impression that your business is not doing well. In addition, after the sealcoating has dried, you can have fresh lines painted for the parking spaces, and this gives your parking lot even more eye appeal.

Depending upon the amount of patching you need done, in most cases, parking lot sealcoating will cost less than repaving. You can have a contractor look at your parking lot to determine how much, if any, preparation work will need to be done before the sealcoating, and give you an estimate of the total cost. This alternative to repaving your parking lot is worth considering.


18 January 2017

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