What Are Your Options For Building A House On A Hill?

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If you own a piece of property with a large hill on it, you may be considering building a house on or into the hill. After all, houses on hillsides have a very quaint, cozy appearance. But before you hire a builder and start making serious plans, you have to make a very important decision about your hillside home. There are several different ways you can build on or in a hill, and you'll save yourself a lot of time if you decide which of them you prefer at the get-go.

Cut and Fill

A "cut and fill" is a building method that involves hiring an excavation company to, essentially, cut a slice out of the hill. What you will be left with is a flat surface surrounded closely by the remainder of the hill. The benefit of a cut and fill is that you can then build most any type of home on top of this flat surface. It will be like building on any other flat surface, except the end result will be surrounded by the hill.

The downside to a cut and fill is that the resulting home does not have all of the character people typically think of as being associated with a hillside home. The floors inside will be level, not offset, as the house is not actually built into the hill. 

Multi-Level Homes

This is the type of layout most often associated with hillside homes. The house will be built so that one side of its structure essentially slants along with the hill. Your floors may be stacked in an offset manner. For instance, the lower floor will stick out towards the front of the home, while the upper floor will stick out towards the back. 

The downside to this arrangement is that the building plans must be very carefully drawn up to accommodate the hill. It's important to work with a contractor who has a lot of experience building hillside homes.

Stilt Homes

Another option is to put the front of your home on stilts so that it stands above the lower portion of the hill. This option allows you to minimize excavation of the hill, which is ideal if the soil on the hill is not very stable and your contractor is worried that it may not support a multi-level home structure. 

The downside to a stilt home is, once again, its looks. While you may enjoy the look of a home on stilts, it's not that typical "built into a hill" look that you may be pursuing. 


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25 July 2017

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