The Top Four Fire Hazards In The Workplace

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As the manager of a company or building, it's important to know what some of the safety risks are so that you take measures to not only protect your office space or building, but to also protect the people who are working inside. One of the biggest safety hazards in the workplace is fire. Here are the top four fire hazards found in the workplace to be aware of:

  1. Cigarettes: Hopefully, you have a designated smoking area that is away from the building enough that a fire cannot easily break out. If you don't, you need to create one and it should be towards the back of the building where clients and other employees aren't trying to exit and enter the building. In this location, especially if there are quite a few smokers who work there, you should have proper methods set up for disposal of cigarettes. This is because cigarettes are one of the top fire hazards in the workplace. You need to be sure that everyone is disposing of the cigarettes properly so that they are thoroughly put out to prevent a fire from breaking out. 
  2. Cooking: In the break room, everything that creates heat, even coffee makers and the microwave need to be properly maintained. Since these items are used frequently in the workplace, they are considered a fire hazard. If there are any sparks noticed or if the wiring that plugs these items in are damaged at all, these appliances must be replaced right away. 
  3. Computers: Most likely, computers are being used in the workplace building. The wiring and computers themselves need to be properly monitored to prevent a fire. This is because electrical issues are a huge fire hazard in the workplace. Even the computers themselves need to have proper air circulation so that they do not become overheated. 
  4. Flammable Liquids: All flammable liquids need to be stored properly. If there is alcohol, it needs to be placed away from wiring. Ideally, in the break room or kitchen away from electrical wiring and computers. Don't allow flammable liquids to be placed anywhere near the computers and other electronics in the workspace to ensure that accidental spills don't pose a huge problem. 

When you know some of the top four fire hazards in the workplace, you can take action to prevent these fire hazards from happening to keep everyone and the workspace as safe as possible. Visit a site like for more help.


18 August 2017

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