3 Tips For Keeping Your Glass Railings Clean

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It doesn't matter if it's a home or an office building, glass railing looks best when it's sparkly and free and clear of any fingerprints or other smudges. Fortunately, keeping the railing in this condition is a task that's easy to complete. Here are some tips to help you keep your glass railing clean:

Install A Bar Rail

With adults and children alike, there is something about glass that makes it hard to resist touching it. However, the oils naturally found on the skin can leave behind residue on a railing that is unsightly. Remind everyone that it's a team effort to keep the glass clean, but to make things easier, consider installing a bar rail just above the glass railing.

Often time, people touch the glass as they go up and down the stairs for added support. The bar rail serves as the additional support they need, which will make people less likely to touch the glass. An installer can help you find a bar rail that pairs perfectly with the glass design.

Use the Appropriate Cleaner

It's also essential that you use the appropriate type of cleaner when cleaning the glass. First, ensure you're using a cleaning agent that is formulated for glass. This step is especially important if your glass railing system includes brackets and other fixtures made from other materials, such as metal.

If you try to use the cleaner you used on the metal to clean the glass, it may leave it looking streaky. It's also important to avoid using a cloth that you previously used on another surface. Not only will the cloth transfer oils and other debris to the class, but if there are any hard particles trapped in the cloth, such as sand, they can scratch the glass.

Don't Forget to Dust

Often time, the cloudiness that you see on the railing is a collection of dust. If you aren't making dusting a regular part of your cleaning routine, you won't like the way the glass looks. So, make it a habit to dust the railings on a regular basis.

Just how much of an issue dust is in the area will determine how frequently you need to perform this step. In addition to making the glass look better, regular dusting also makes cleaning easier. If you fail to dust before cleaning the glass, it will only make the process harder.

By following these tips, you can keep your glass railing looking cleaner and brighter day after day. Contact a company like California Reflections Inc for more information and assistance. 


13 October 2017

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