Why Your Outdoor Water Faucets Should Be Fixed When They Leak

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When you think of all of the faucets in your home, you probably only think of the ones you use everyday, right? Those that you do not use and do not see everyday just don't seem to enter your thoughts. Now you might be asking, "Which faucets are those?" The ones that are located outside, of course!

Not surprisingly, it is easy to forget about the one or two faucets/spigots outside your house. Unless you spend all of your days gardening and watering that garden, you are not likely to think about these faucets. Yet, you should definitely be thinking about them, especially when they leak. Here is why you need to fix leaky faucets outside when you find out that they are leaking.

You Are Paying for That Water

Every drop from a leaky faucet builds up to gallons of water lost every year. You are paying for those lost gallons of water. Worst of all, a leaky faucet, no matter its location, increases your water bill by tens to hundreds of dollars a year! All that leaking water outside turns the ground into slippery mud and encourages weed growth. It goes without saying that you are probably not enjoying paying for that.

Leaky Outdoor Faucets Cause Water Damage

Leaking indoor faucets at least have someplace for the water to go. It typically heads down the drain. Minimal water damage or no water damage is expected. That is not true for leaking outdoor faucets. Here, the water is dripping very close to the foundation. If and when that water finds its way in through the foundation, it heads for the nearest areas in your house, causing water damage. Now you have both a high water bill and water damage in your basement.

Leaky Outdoor Faucets Can Freeze and Rupture

You have spent countless hours insulating your pipes indoors and doing all you can to prevent freezing pipes. However, a leaky outdoor faucet will leak and freeze in the cold, causing a potential pipe rupture point at that faucet's location. Most plumbers will tell you to bleed that faucet in the fall, and then shut the water to that exit pipe all the way off to prevent drips and freezing. Half the battle is not having a dripping faucet to begin with. If you call your local plumber services and repair the faucet, you prevent these issues and have less to worry about when the temperatures dip below freezing.


1 February 2018

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