Two Tips To Help Businesses Manage Snow Removal For Their Property

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For those that own businesses in areas where snowfall can be common, it is important to have an effective snow removal strategy in place for managing the removal of the snow from the ground. Failing to appreciate the serious problems that can be caused by large snow accumulations can lead to unnecessary problems and liabilities for your business. 

Have The Snow Removal Service Visit Your Property When The Snow First Starts Falling

Individuals will often make the mistake of failing to ask the snow removal company to visit their property until large amounts of snow have started to accumulate. However, this can greatly increase the difficulty of this task due to the fact that the snow may harden or become compacted, which can greatly increase the difficulty of removing it. By planning for the snow removal service to visit the property as soon as the snow starts falling, you can avoid these issues by ensuring that the snow will be removed before it has a chance to experience these issues. For your convenience, many snow removal services will allow individuals to preschedule these services. This means that the snow removal contractor will monitor the weather, and they will automatically visit your property if snow starts to fall. Taking advantage of this type of scheduling option can eliminate the risk of you forgetting or otherwise failing to schedule these services for your property.

Apply Deicing Chemicals To The Area That Had Snow Removed

Immediately after the snow has been removed from the property, you will need to apply deicing chemicals to the areas that were treated by these professionals. These chemicals will be able to prevent a layer of ice from forming. Unfortunately, these substances can be less effective when there is already a thick layer of ice present. This is due to the melting ice washing away the deicing chemicals. Without taking this step, the risk of your workers or customers accidentally slipping on the ice and suffering injuries could be much greater. In addition to applying these chemicals immediately after the snow was removed, you may also want to apply a supplemental amount of these chemicals during the mornings. Individuals walking and driving on the property may cause some of these chemicals to be removed, which can compromise their effectiveness. By adding a small amount of deicing chemicals during the mornings, you can avoid ice problems developing in response to these chemicals being scattered or otherwise disturbed.


15 March 2018

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