Warning Signs From Your Submersible Well Pump

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If your home's water is supplied by a private well, the condition of your pump should be a top concern. Submersible pumps are used to move water from deep below the surface into your home's plumbing system. If the well pump fails, you could be left without access to a safe water supply.

Watch for these warning signs when assessing the condition of your well pump to ensure your water delivery system remains intact.

No water or sound coming from your taps.

When you turn on the faucets in your home, you expect to see water coming out of them. If you turn on the taps and see no evidence of water delivery, listen closely for the sound of water moving through your home's pipes.

If there is no water and no sound, then your submersible pump is likely experiencing electrical problems. Try resetting the circuit breaker connected to your pump. If that doesn't resolve the issue, contact a repair specialist to determine if the wiring or switches on your pump need to be replaced.

An increase in your utility bills.

Since your submersible well pump must be connected to an electrical outlet in order to provide your home with the water it needs, you can use your electrical bill to help you gauge the health of the pump. If you notice a sudden increase in your electrical costs that can't be explained by household use, this could be an indication that your pump is short-cycling.

When a pump short-cycles, it runs more often than necessary. This draws more electricity and puts undue stress on the pump itself. An experienced repair technician will be able to identify why your pump is short-cycling and resolve the issue before it leads to total pump failure.

Noise within the pump casing.

When a submersible well pump is functioning properly, you should hear little more than a hum coming from the pump casing. If you suddenly hear loud vibrations or clunking noises coming from within the pump casing, you could have a serious problem on your hands.

The impellers on your pump may be corroded or wearing out. The pump might have damaged pistons that are causing excessive vibration during use, or the bearings that service your pump could be deteriorating. Noisy operation is usually a red flag that your well pump is in need of professional repair in order to continue functioning properly.

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