Creative Ways To Decorate Your Commercial Fence

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Commercial fences are meant to perform a specific, practical function. However, that doesn't mean that you can't also find ways to decorate your commercial fence in a manner that makes it more beautiful and makes your commercial property more appealing. 

Decorate Wooden Fences

If you are relying on wooden fencing, one idea is to write an inspirational quote or a funny saying. Many businesses have used humorous messages to grab the attention of customers traveling by their businesses. Another option is to paint something beautiful on your fence.

Use Salvage Materials

Look around your business for pieces of salvage that could be used to decorate your fence. For instance, you could use car parts and cutlery to spell out a word. Whatever you choose, think about the customers you are trying to attract and their expectations of your business.

Decorate with Plants

Plants are a great way to take a metal fence and make the surroundings look more natural. An easy way to incorporate plants on a commercial fence is with planters. These can be made with plastic, wood, stone or terra cotta. Heavier planters, such as stone, are intended to be stationary. 

Another way to incorporate plants is with shrubs and bushes. Be careful what you plant because some customers may have allergies that you do not want to exacerbate. Plants also will provide your business with a level of privacy that a wrought-iron or chain-link fence won't provide.

Vines are a plant that can easily decorate a fence. Vines do not give you the same control as potted plants, but they can make your fence look more interesting and varied.

Install a Welcoming Gate

Pay close attention to the gate. Though your goal may be to use a fence to keep some individuals out, you will want the gate to make your business feel more welcoming to customers. One way is to incorporate an arch into the gate design.

Paint It the Right Color

An important component of the design of your fence is how you paint it. Paint not only affects the appearance of your exterior, but also protects the fence from the elements. If your building is already very colorful, you do not want to add too much color to your fencing because this may be overwhelming to customers. Consider whether you are trying to create a relaxing mood or if you are focused on grabbing the attention of customers passing by.


24 July 2018

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