Tips For Removing Moss From Your Roof

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If you have moss on your roof, then it may be a good idea to speak with a roofing professional about possible damage and the need for a roof replacement. However, if you cannot afford a replacement right now, then it is wise to remove the moss as best you can. Keep reading to learn about some tips to help you retain the strength and structure of your roof as you do this.

Scrub From The Top Down

Moss can drench your roofing shingle with water and leave them brittle, swollen, and easy to rip. And, even a small amount of pressure can rip the edges of the compromised shingles, so you want to make sure that you are scraping and removing moss in a careful manner. The most important action is to scrub the shingles from the top of the roof down. This keeps the shingles from bending or breaking during the cleaning process, and you will likely need to get on the roof with the assistance of an extension ladder to clean at the right angle. 

For the cleaning, you want to use a scrub brush with softer bristles. A long-handled broom, like the type used for sweeping garages and driveways, is a good choice. A light- or medium-duty variety is ideal since it will have softer bristles than a heavy-duty option.

A rubber-squeegee type of device can work as well, and these devices are often more gentle than a broom. However, they may not provide the scrubbing power that you need. With that said, you do not want to aggressively scrub at the moss. You want to dislodge the moss without breaking the shingles or removing the granules.

Wet The Shingles

Moss is removed easily when it is wet, so you will need to use a hose to spray down the shingles before you start your scrubbing. You do not want to use a pressure sprayer, though, or you may cause even more shingle damage. Use a gentle spray on your house and try to scrub at the moss once the roof is saturated. 

If the moss does not release right away, then you will need to spray a bleach solution on your roof to kill the moss so it can be easily released. Mix up a 50% solution of water and bleach and pour it on the moss. Let the bleach solution sit for about 30 minutes and then try to scrub it off the roof once again.

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9 January 2019

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