Retail Doors By Design: Which Will You Choose?

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Choosing doors for your new retail store is like trying to choose a candy when standing inside a candy store. There are so many different styles and designs now, and each one has several choices in additional features. As you sit down with an architect to discuss the look of your building, you will be faced with a multitude of choices, and doors are definitely something on which you do not want to skimp. Check out the following design options to get some ideas for what you want in a retail door.

​Steel Frame, Glass Windows

​This is the most common, and the most basic, of retail store doors. The steel can be left as-is, with its flat, silvery chrome finish, or you can ask that it be electroplated a particular color that gives it a nicer appearance. There are usually just two panes of glass, an upper and a lower, with a steel bar through the middle and a grab bar or push bar either along this steel bar or to the side of the door. 

Wood Frame, Multiple Windows

​Super heavy wood frame doors are becoming very popular as a retail door option. These doors give you many more choices in window number and size, providing ample room for decorative features. They only open out or in, but you can get custom looks, custom door handles, and even carving in the frames of the doors. If you want stained glass or multiple panes separated by a framework inside the door or overlaying the glass, you can get that, too.

Solid Core, No Windows

​This is a more unusual choice for a retail door, but it is still an option if you want it. The doors are heavy duty solid core doors, which prevent intruders from breaking and entering with much more efficacy than doors with glass windows or glass partitions. They can be custom-made so that they are not quite so uninviting, unfriendly, or utilitarian-looking. 

Sliding Doors, Vinyl or Steel

​Grocery stores often have sliding doors as a convenience to customers who are pushing carts of groceries in and out of the store all day. The framework for these doors is either steel or vinyl. Steel will last longer, but the vinyl is lighter and easier for door openers to move. Both can be electroplated, painted, or extruded as a particular color, and sliding doors are in compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

For more information about your options, contact a local retail door installation company. 


25 February 2019

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