A Clean Driveway Is A Welcoming Driveway: Residential Concrete Cleaning Tips For Sellers

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Concrete driveways are on the wish list for many of today's homebuyers. The expanse of concrete adds value to the home, offers curb appeal, and provides a smooth surface on which to drive or park. Households with children especially like this type of driveway because it offers a safe place for their children to engage in active play, such as shooting hoops or practicing their bike or skateboard skills.

Like all surfaces, however, a concrete driveway is sure to be most appealing when it is clean and in good condition. If you are preparing to sell a home with a concrete driveway and you want it to be a welcoming feature for prospective buyers, this information about residential concrete cleaning is sure to be helpful. 

Repair damage

Before having any concrete surface pressure washed, homeowners will want to check for damage that may be worsened by the application of pressurized water. If there are areas where the concrete is severely cracked or where chunks of concrete are missing, it is wise to have these areas patched, sealed, or repaired prior to having them cleaned with a pressure washer. 

Pre-treat stains

When used by a skilled operator, the pressure washing process is usually able to remove many of the most common stains and discolorations on concrete surfaces. However, if the driveway has not been cleaned regularly or there are deeply embedded stains, such as rust or motor oil, pre-treating the stains before pressure washing can be a good idea. 

To pre-treat stains or discolorations from rust without causing damage to nearby surfaces or landscaping, homeowners can apply common household vinegar and scrub with a stiff brush or broom. Oil stains can be pre-soaked by wetting the spots, applying a few squirts of dish liquid, and then scrubbing and rinsing. Both types of stains may need more than on pre-washing session to fully remove stains that have become very ingrained. 

Hire carefully

Concrete driveways, as well as landscaping and nearby structures, can all incur damage if the pressure washing process is done incorrectly. Homeowners who want to rule out these problems will want to choose carefully when hiring a residential concrete pressure washing service to clean their home's driveway. 

In addition to having quality equipment and proven experience in the industry, always make sure that any contractor you hire is properly licensed, bonded, and insured for the type of work they will be performing.  


27 May 2019

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