Suggestions For Saving On Tree Removal When Your Budget Is Tight


If you want a tree removed from your yard, you might be concerned about how much it will cost. Each situation is different, so if your tree is sick or in danger of falling, having it removed as soon as possible is the best option, even if you have to pay for emergency service. If you have more time, you might want to plan the tree removal job so you get the lowest price. Here are some things to consider when your budget for tree removal is tight.

You Might Get A Lower Rate In The Winter

Tree removal services are often busier in the summer, so there is no incentive to give discounts then. When work is slow during the winter, you might find the prices to be lower. Also, tree removal is often easier in the winter when the trees are bare, and that could result in a lower cost. You may get a lower base rate in the winter depending on the services provided in your local area, but you will still have added costs for difficult or emergency removals.

You Might Want To Leave The Stump

Leaving a big stump in your yard isn't the best option, but it might lower the cost of your tree removal since stump grinding costs extra. If the stump is in the backyard or if you want to tackle breaking down the stump yourself, then ask the tree removal company for quotes that include stump removal and leaving the stump. Then, you can compare prices and decide if it's worth paying the extra cost.

Consider Cutting The Tree Into Firewood

Another expense associated with tree removal is getting rid of the wood. Wood is often recycled when possible, and the tree removal company may even run the smaller parts through a chipper on the spot so you can use it as mulch. Ask about the price of hauling away the wood or turning it into mulch since this price might be bundled into the quote for tree removal. If you have a saw and are able to cut the tree into smaller chunks yourself to use as firewood or for some other purpose, you might be able to gradually get rid of the wood yourself and save a little money.

However, it the tree is in the front yard or if the company leaves massive pieces of tree trunks behind, it probably isn't practical to cut up the tree on your own, especially if you don't have a use for the wood. Cutting up the wood and disposing of it yourself would probably cost much more than paying the tree service to haul the wood away.

While those are some factors you can control to reduce the cost of tree removal, there are some things beyond your control. If the tree is unstable or in a tight spot next to a building, the process is more dangerous and difficult, so the cost will be higher than cutting down a tree in an isolated area. For more information, contact a tree removal company like Arborcare Tree Service


10 December 2019

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